Standard of events in Ghana is truly on the rise and evidently,Nyansapo Productions gave one good treat to patrons who throng in to see their latest play If God is Ghanaian..

Venue was the National theater last Saturday, 4th August 2018.The event which had 2 showings 4pm and 8pm had nice and hospitable cocktail and snack bar treatments round the red carpet stand.
Filling the whole auditorium during each session saw some noble faces like Fred Amugi,Abrantie the gentleman, Fiifi Coleman,Kalybos,comedian waris,Sammy Forson and more were among the excited patron who enjoyed this event…
Now to performances,spoken word artist/poet Faiba and rapper Don Itchy respectively commenced the much anticipated night on a very good note.
To the main characters on stage we say,congratulations for a very good job done as they played their roles to perfection.. By the standard set by Nyansapo Production in their previous play “The ladder”, there was no way patrons would have accepted anything less and on Saturday if there was any doubt about the abilities of Nyansapo productions,anyone who was at the venue to see ” If God is Ghanaian ” I’m sure is cleared of that doubt.
The play “If God is Ghanaian, is set in a compound house with tenants of different professional back grounds. Things take an interesting turn when the landlord moves into the compound with his “supposed” daughter. They must avoid getting evicted by staying clear of her even as they all try to hide they own secret agendas and some main characters like Clemento Suarez,Forster Romanus,Doctor So,Daniel Delong and Komla Mensah all proved why such events should be patronised..
Stage setting, lights and sound were all on point.

“If God is Ghanaian” as advertised by the producers is indeed a dramatic expose of the lives of Ghanaians. The play explores the typical landlord tenant relationship, people with different professions and how they the coexist and how they all contribute to the moral fiber of society. All this was done with unapologetic, hilarious and mature comedy interspersed with harmonious tunes. As well as the subtle play on trending political and social issues.
You can also share some views, comments and favorite lines if you were present and if you missed,I’ll recommend you catch their next train..
Congratulations to Nyansapo productions and all their affiliates for such and wonderful show…

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