Upcoming Events All You Need To Know About AFROCHELLA 2018, Slate On December 29th

All You Need To Know About AFROCHELLA 2018, Slate On December 29th


AFROCHELLA is a festival is designed to elevate and highlight the thrilling and thriving millennial talent from and in Africa. The festival introduces an interactive event that encourages collaboration, explains and explores the culture with a pioneering approach.

The day features a festive celebration of our culture in the form of:

Art & Fashion Installations

  • Live painting
  • The Best of African Cuisine
  • Live performances

The purposes is to tell an the New Africa story from a native’s perspective.

All aspects of the festival from the theme to the production are an ode to the ingenuity and available services in Africa. Our Goal is is to optimize the experience & engage the millenial attendees with the culture in an authentic yet innovative approach. We look forward to sharing this experience as a footstep into a new tradition bringing people together in Africa for tourism and Pro-African development


The Ghanaian government is aiming to make Ghana a developed country by 2029. In order to do so, every Ghanaian household needs available water, toilet and hygiene services. Today almost nine in ten people have clean water which is proof that change is possible.



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